Hva Er Alfred Wegener Kjent For?

Alfred Wegener var en tysk geofysiker ( meteorolog) og polarforsker. Han deltok i to danske ekspedisjoner til Grønland, før han ledet den tyske Grønlands-ekspedisjonen fra 1930 til 1931, som skulle undersøke forholdene på innlandsisen. Under denne ekspedisjonen omkom han på en sledeferd. Wegener er særlig kjent for sin hypotese om kontinentenes

What was Alfred Wegener known for?

What is Alfred Wegener best known for? German meteorologist and geophysicist Alfred Wegener was the first person to formulate a complete statement of the continental drift hypothesis.

What did Alfred Wegener study?

Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin in 1880, where his father was a minister who ran an orphanage. From an early age he took an interest in Greenland, and always walked, skated, and hiked as though training for an expedition. He studied in Germany and Austria, receiving his PhD in astronomy.

What did Alfred Wegener believe?

His widely accepted theory of land displacement holds that Earth’s continents have been in motion throughout geologic time. Wegener believe that there was once a single supercontinent, which he called Pangea (or Pangaea). He said that Pangea broke apart millions of years ago to form two large continents.

Who is Alfred Wegener and what was his claim?

He looked for further evidence, found it, and, in 1915, published The Origin of Continents and Oceans. In it he claimed that about 300 million years ago the continents formed a single mass that he labeled “Pangaea,” a Greek word meaning “whole earth.”

What are three facts about Alfred Wegener?

Alfred Lothar Wegener (1 November 1880 – 13 November 1930) was a German scientist and meteorologist. He is most notable for his theory of continental drift, which he proposed in December 1912.

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Alfred Wegener facts for kids.

Quick facts for kids Alfred Wegener
Known for continental drift
Scientific career
Fields meteorology geology

What did other scientists think of Alfred Wegener’s theory?

Other scientists did not believe Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift because they did not see any way that continents could move through the oceanic crust and the mantle, nor did they see evidence that this had happened. They weren’t aware of anything that could cause continents to move.

What 3 pieces of evidence did Alfred Wegener cite to propose his theory?

Alfred Wegener, in the first three decades of this century, and DuToit in the 1920s and 1930s gathered evidence that the continents had moved. They based their idea of continental drift on several lines of evidence: fit of the continents, paleoclimate indicators, truncated geologic features, and fossils.

What was Alfred Wegener’s theory called?

Continental drift was a revolutionary theory explaining that continents shift position on Earth’s surface. The theory was proposed by geophysicist and meteorologist Alfred Wegener in 1912, but was rejected by mainstream science at the time.

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